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APR is the prestigious mark of true strategists

PRSA says it best: “As a public relations professional, you have the opportunity to sharpen your craft and distinguish yourself by achieving the Accreditation in Public Relations credential.”

Your experience qualifies you

If you have approximately five years’ experience in the full-time practice or teaching of public relations and have earned either a bachelor’s degree in a communication-specific field (or have equivalent work experience) you’re eligible for the APR program.

The process prepares you to succeed

It begins with 12 weeks of local (free to members) or online courses, includes the creation of a portfolio of your work that you present to a “Readiness Review” panel of APRs, and culminates with the passing of a computer-based exam.

APR measures a public relations practitioner’s fundamental knowledge of communications theory and its application, establishes advanced capabilities in research, strategic planning, implementation and evaluation and demonstrates a commitment to professional excellence and ethical conduct.

Benefits abound

Build and refine skills, increase your marketability, and collaborate and network with local communications professionals as you earn your APR. Unlike other professional certifications, such as CPA, Accreditation in Public Relations is a voluntary demonstration of competency; as such, it reflects a strong commitment to the profession.

APR by the numbersAPR-Est-1964

  • 5,000+ accredited practitioners
  • 194 computer exam questions
  • 50+ years of accrediting professionals
  • 32 Readiness Review points to pass
  • 12 weeks of prep classes
  • 10 practice areas tested
  • 5+ years of experience recommended
  • 4 steps in the APR process
  • 3 APRs on your Review panel
  • 1 computer exam

Quick Links to learn more

National PRSA APR
Accreditation Information
Free APR Study Guide

Wisdom from local peers who’ve achieved APR

“Working toward and earning your APR is just as much about the process as the achievement.  By testing yourself and your knowledge you gain insight into yourself as a professional that will stay with you long-term.”Tamitha Shockley, APR

“Becoming accredited is a great way to set yourself apart from others in the field and define yourself as a professional.” Dale Hammond, APR

“APR is achieved when you demonstrate you’ve taken the leap from being a great implementer of tactics to being an architect of public relations strategy.”Christine Varela, APR

Questions? Ready to sign up for local classes? Reach out!

Lisa Cargill, APR
APR Chair, Greater Spokane Chapter of PRSA
Senior Account Director, Desautel Hege
(509) 444-2350



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